Changing the Conversation to Include Trans* Voices in Campus Violence Prevention Strategies

This breakout session will take place Friday (at 2PM) in Room 2314.

114Cormac O'Dwyer.jpgCormac O’Dwyer is an International Relations student at UBC and the Healthier Masculinities Program Coordinator at the AMS SASC. Much of his previous experience has centered around advocacy and education for trans identities and rights, including work with the BC Ministry of Health, Vancouver School Board, BC Safer Schools Coalition, and national and international media. Additionally, Cormac enjoys facilitating a support group for trans youth, presenting workshops in high schools, colleges and universities, and taking his dog for long walks on the beach. Cormac is passionate about engaging in a diversity of issues with a perspective of intersectionality and continual learning, and looks forward to expanding the dialogue around safety and inclusion in support spaces.


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