Shared Stories, Lived Experiences, and Community Art

This breakout session will take place Saturday (1PM) in Room 2314.

sherrileeSherrie-Lee Petrie is a Victim turned Survivor and Advocate/Activist, and a story-listener. Her Master’s Thesis focused on how individuals who have experienced sexual violence understand their lived-experiences. Sherrie-Lee is the Coordinator of the Gender Issues Centre at Lakehead University, where her two programming priorities this year are sexual violence education and advocacy, and regular self-care activities and workshops. Come January, she will also teach a class for the Women’s Studies department titled “Sexual Violence and Society”.


Stephanie Simko is a cis, white, queer, MAD-identified woman who also identifies as a survivor, an advocate, and storyteller. She has been involved in campus advocacy and student support in both a professional and personal capacity. Steph holds her MA in English with a Specialization in Women’s Studies and Creative Writing and is currently pursuing a second MA degree in Social Justice Studies at Lakehead University. She is a former varsity track athlete, an avid reader of science fiction, and a cellist.



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